January 2020

Upcoming Events

Date Title Presenter
Jan 23, 2020
Gene Editing: A silver bullet or a tool for eugenics?
Neuroethics Canada
Jan 24, 2020
Resmile and unthink: what our brains’ responses to impossible verbs can tell us about linguistic representation
UBC Department of Linguistics
Jan 28, 2020
Leaving no one behind? Global Action on Aging.
Dr. Norah Keating, Director of Global Social Issues on Ageing, International Association of Gerontology & Geriatrics.
Jan 30, 2020
Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference 2020
UBC Undergraduate Neuroscience Club
Jan 30, 2020
Research Involvement Fair
Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Jan 31, 2020
Driving with a Neurological Condition: How do changes in your abilities affect your driving?
BC Brain Wellness Program
Feb 11, 2020
Self-Determination as We Age & Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Dr. Evan Adams, MD, Chief Medical Officer for the First Nations Health Authority
Feb 12, 2020
Wellness Wednesday: Everyone has a story
BC Brain Wellness Program
Feb 12, 2020
Exploring Assistive Technology for Increased Function
BC Brain Wellness Program
Mar 10, 2020
The Environment & Our Health: New Discoveries
Dr. David Rehkopf, Associate Professor of Medicine and Health Research and Policy at Stanford University
Mar 13, 2020
Encoding and decoding speech in the human brain
Dr. Edward Chang
Mar 24, 2020
The Importance of Walking and Walking Well
Dr. Catrine Tudor-Locke, Professor and Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.